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Starlink Gen 2 Flat Mount Low Profile For Campers and RVs – low profile
Starlink Gen 2 Flat Mount Low Profile For Campers and RVs – low profile

3D Printed Parts is in Queensland, Australia

Our mounting parts allow you to mount your Starlink Satellite flat (GEN 2 only) on your caravan, camper, boat, or roof rack.

Please note:

We print these with 5 walls for extra durability, unlike some others that only use 3 walls.

Our mounting parts, consisting of six robust and sturdy components, are proudly Australian-made for unparalleled durability and reliability. Crafted from resilient, heat-resistant white ABS plastic, our product offers exceptional strength and longevity.

The versatile nature of the material allows for customisation to match your preferred colour scheme. You can choose to prime and paint it to your liking, or simply apply a clear coat for a sleek finish and full UV protection. Our product ensures both functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it the perfect fit for your project.

The mounting parts are designed to accommodate the angle, allowing them to slide in and interlock. You can mount them on your vehicle using screws or adhesive. Many customers have used adhesive with great success.


  • White (But can be painted)

Package Content:

  • 1 x Starlink flat mounting parts (Gen 2) 3D printed in ABS

The mount requires but does not include:

  • 4 lengths of 2mm or 2.5mm 25mm x 30mm thick angle aluminium
  • 12 x M3 flat head stainless steel screws (maintenance-friendly)
  • Sikaflex / Silicone
  • Any paint or primer
  • Any of the Starlink dish or parts
  • superglue (works well with ABS parts, we use loctite superglue)

Q: How is the Starlink (Gen 2) dish secured in the frame?
A: As this can be mounted in several ways, good quality double-sided tape, or We recommend Sikaflex or silicone.

ABS is a strong and rigid plastic,
That offers a high-quality. It is also dimensionally stable across a wide range of temperatures, ensuring that it does not warp. Its high rigidity and strength make it resistant to deformation under both tensile and compressive loads.

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