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<span style=”color: #ffffff;”>Devanti Water Cooler Dispenser Mains Bottle Stand Hot Cold Tap Office Black</span>
<span style=”color: #ffffff;”>Devanti Water Cooler Dispenser Mains Bottle Stand Hot Cold Tap Office Black</span>

Have access to cleaner and purer water at all times with our Devanti Water Cooler. Designed to work with most bottled water or water filter containers, the cooler features an electronic refrigeration system that works quietly and reliably. It comes with a detachable water guide plate that can cater to either water containers. The cooler has LED indicators for easy operation and dual taps for hot and cold water options. The tray height can also be adjusted to suit your use and a removable drip tray allows for easy cleaning. For added safety, the cooler has overheating, over-current, anti-dry and electric-shock protection and a child-lock to prevent children from tampering with the unit. Not least, the cooler has a large storage cabinet to store any accessories or drinking essentials.

*Note: Please fill with water before switching on to prevent malfunction.

Top-loading design
Electronic cooling technology
LED indicators
Child-lock function
Dual taps
Hot and cold water spouts
Hot/Cold water on/off switch
Large storage cabinet
Adjustable tray height
Water drainage hole
Removable water guide plate and drip tray
Anti-slip feet
Over-current protection
Electric-shock protection
Anti-dry protection
Overheat safety protection
Low-noise operation
Smart water guide plate
(Note: Plug in water guide plate when using bottled water. Unplug it when using water filter container.)
(22L water filter container and replacement filters are available in-store.)

Brand: Devanti
Material: Metal and plastic
Control type: Push button
Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Heating power: 420W
Cooling power: 65W
Two taps: Hot/ Cold
Hot water tank: 0.8L
Heating Capacity: 5L per hour
Hot water temperature: 88?C-95?C
Cold water tank: 2.6L
Cooling Capacity: 1L per hour
Cold water temperature: 10?C-15?C
Overall dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 87.5cm
Cable length: 170cm
Colour: Black

Package Content
1x Devanti Water Cooler
1x User Manual

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